• Flowist. Web app integration for Todoist that allows users to focus on one task at a time. Built with Eleventy, powered by Serverless functions.

    Flowist running on a phone
  • Obsidian You. Mobile-optimised interface for Obsidian, implementing Google's Material Design guidelines. Themeable and interactive.

    Obsidian You theme running on a phone.
  • Bookworm Stats. Static site that fetches book ratings from a feed, parses them and display an overview.

  • Public Notes. A Digital Garden filled with notes on resources, books and ideas related to programming, technology, productivity and faith.

  • Bible Study for Obsidian Kit. Popular starter kit on Biblical Connected Thinking. Available as Obsidian-compatible Markdown files or on the web.

  • BibleGateway to Obsidian Script. Bash script exporting Bible Versions into plaintext Markdown files.