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Annotated screenshots of the new blog design

Blog version 3.0

Blog version 3.0

It’s a bit embarrassing…

Since starting this blog ~8 months ago, I completely rewrote it three times. During that time, I published nine blog posts.

A 3/1 ratio of blog post to framework is not great. 😅

That being said, I was quite unhappy with version 2.0 of this blog.

But let’s go back to see how we ended up here. Version 1 of this site was built with Eleventy, a static site generator.

Screenshot of version 1.0 of this blogVersion 1.0 with Eleventy

After just three months, I switched to Nuxt and rewrote the whole site. I had just started a new job, which used this Vue framework. So I wanted to get comfortable with it. But a full-blown SPA builder was way too feature-rich for a humble personal blog. I didn’t like the design I went for, and the site constantly threw errors.

Screenshot of version 2.0 of the blogVersion 2.0 with Nuxt

So I knew I had to switch things up…

Inspiration and iterations

I started collecting inspiration for (yet) another redesign.

Website with multiple screenshots, arrows and annotations

This Easel1 holds those influences. It’s a visual history of the blog, and I am adding inspiration as I come across it. So feel free to explore and be inspired!

Version 3: Back to simplicity

For this rewrite, I went back to static site generation, this time with Astro. I took what I liked about the design from version 1 and simplified things to place more emphasis on the actual content.

Version 3.0 with Astro

I am really happy with how the site turned out! My hope is that with this version, I will spend less time tinkering and more time writing.


  1. An Easel is a free-form web canvas built into Arc Browser.