Hi! I’m Joschua 

portrait photograph of me in a suit

. Web developer, note-taking nerd and Jesus-follower.

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About me

As a developer, I am naturally interested in all things web, design and tech. I also like to nerd out about productivity and automation.

I love a good book. This makes me interested in how note-taking can help me to remember better what I read.

At the center of it all, I am a follower of Jesus. I strive to live in a way where my interests are informed by and flow out of faith.

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Usage notes

What might be a bit unusual on this site is how links are styled:

  1. Internal links, linking inside this blog or to a personal note, are followed by a filled circle symbol (•): Example.
  2. External links, linking to anywhere else on the internet, are followed by a hollow circle symbol (◦): Example (forgive me).

My intention is to make it clear for where a link takes you, before you click it. Also, I hope that these subtler links reduce cognitive load. I wrote a bit on that.

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